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September 22, 2023

September 22, 2023

RALEIGH, N.C. — In response to the North Carolina General Assembly’s passage of the state budget, which includes the ability for any family to access Opportunity Scholarships, Government Affairs Director Andrew Yates released the following statement on behalf of yes. every kid. 

“Today, the Tar Heel state became the latest state to put the needs of students and families first, joining a strong list of states that have scored major education freedom victories in 2023. North Carolina’s legislature showed that it has listened to a clear message: Every family, regardless of their income or where they live, deserves to be able to access the educational experience that best suits the unique needs of their child.  

“The budget combines North Carolina’s existing ESA program and voucher program, both of which have grown substantially in recent years, into a new universal Opportunity Scholarship program, which will go into effect next school year. 

“We applaud Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger, House Speaker Tim Moore, Rep. Tricia Cotham, Rep. David Willis, Rep. Donnie Loftis, Sen. Lisa Barnes, Sen. Amy Galey and Sen. Michael Lee for their leadership and look forward to continuing to work to advance innovative, bottom-up approaches to education that help unlock the potential of every North Carolina kid.” 

This expansion:  

  • Expands eligibility for the state’s Opportunity Scholarship program to 1.4 million students in North Carolina.  
  • Empowers families with decision-making over their children’s education funding. By 2027, the Opportunity Scholarship program is estimated to serve over 55,000 students.  
  • Makes North Carolina the ninth state with a universal education freedom program — joining Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Iowa, Ohio, Oklahoma, Utah and West Virginia. (Indiana has a nearly universal program.) 
  • Includes an increase of funding each year until 2032, when it would reach about $521 million. 

About yes. every kid.  

yes. every kid. supports policies that respect the dignity of every student, welcome innovative ideas and foster a diversity of approaches to learning. yes. every kid. will support and build coalitions to advance new conversations and bold visions by bringing together differing voices and perspectives to revolutionize the K-12 education experience.