pol⁠i⁠cy p⁠i⁠llars

Let’s face it: there’s no such thing as an average kid. Every kid is an individual with a unique set of talents. But right now, the American approach to education doesn’t see kids as individuals; it sees them in terms of numbers and averages. It’s time we demand educational opportunities free of arbitrary constraints—one built to accommodate each child, not averages. Through our four policy initiatives—and with the support of parents, families, and educators everywhere—we want to unlock the potential of every kid. 

No More Lines

Regardless of where they live, residents of any given state can access public goods like parks, libraries, or pools whenever they’d like. However, with public schools, it isn’t the same way. Every day, children across the country are denied access to a public school that works for them simply because they do not live in the right neighborhoods. No More Lines allows kids to access any public school of their choosing, no matter where they live. Learn more.

Fund Every Kid

Today in most states, schools are funded before students. That means someone besides a family is making decisions about money, what is best for the student, and where that student is best served. Students and families should be the primary decision-makers, not bureaucratic systems. That’s why every family should get to decide how their student’s education funding is spent. Fund Every Kid allows families to control their children’s educational funding and spend it to design an education system that suits their unique needs. Learn more.

Learn Everywhere

Ask yourself, where did your most important life lessons come from? Inside the classroom, or outside? Most learning happens outside of school. Students should get credit for learning no matter where the learning happens. Learn Everywhere builds a bridge between education and the real world. Learn more.

Education Your Way

In almost every aspect of American life, people can choose which goods and services they use. Like with doctors, dentists, shopping malls, and cars—everyone gets to choose based on their individual needs and circumstances. Yet we don’t see public schools that way. Education Your Way policies empower families as the decision makers to fully customize their educational experience to their unique interests and needs. Learn more.