There are no average kids.

It’s time we build a revolutionary new education system. One that’s as diverse as the kids it’s designed to serve.

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“School Within a School” Program Aims to Help Disengaged Students Find Success

“From a system standpoint, we can be somewhat penalized for students who start with a particular class but don’t graduate with that group. We have a two-fold reason for doing this but number one is to help the students,” said Superintendent Ann Roy Moore.


9 Promises to Every Kid

These are the 9 promises of a better education. Select the most important factors in your dream education. Then, tell the world about it.


Programs explore a diversity of ideas, inspiring a culture of openness in new generations.

In 80% of dream schools


Experimentation and adaptation are embraced. Protectionism is discouraged.

In 80% of dream schools


Educators appreciate students as unique individuals who have talents and can learn.

In 80% of dream schools


Students have a growth mindset, developing into adults inspired to transform their lives.

In 80% of dream schools


Students can explore unique and custom-tailored educational pathways.

In 80% of dream schools


A system is designed to ensure that each kid finds success in their individual pathway.

In 80% of dream schools


Students and teachers are afforded the ability to choose the best fit for their needs.

In 80% of dream schools


Teachers are empowered to take control of the classroom learning experiences.

In 80% of dream schools


A system is built around creating future opportunities for each individual learner.

In 80% of dream schools
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