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January 17, 2024

January 17, 2024

(PHOENIX, Ariz.) – Last week, Gov. Katie Hobbs released her budget proposal to slash Empowerment Scholarship Accounts and completely repeal the tax credit scholarship program, which will force tens of thousands of families out of their existing schools, including low-income families and students with disabilities.   

“Gov. Hobbs’ budget proposal will stop Arizona families from having a say in their children’s education while also losing access to crucial educational services and therapies,” said Shannon Pahls, public policy director, yes. every kid. “Gov. Hobbs has consistently placed special interests and campaign donations ahead of Arizona families and students. The governor’s proposed budget would kick tens of thousands of kids, including those with disabilities, out of the school that works for them. Even though Katie Hobbs clearly does not trust families, no one knows children better than their families, and they, not Katie Hobbs, should be the ones making decisions for their kids’ education.” 


  • A 2023 poll conducted by WPA Intelligence found that three times more Arizona voters support school choice (63%) than oppose it (21%).  
  • Support is strong among both Republican (78%) and Independent (61%) voters, with more Democrats in support (48%) of school choice than opposed (38%).  
  • The same poll found that over three-quarters of parents (78%) and almost two-thirds of non-parents (62%) support ESAs.  
  • When voters were informed of efforts to kick thousands of kids, including those with special needs, out of the program, overall support for the ESA program rose significantly. 
  • The governor’s proposal would kick approximately 50,000 kids out of the ESA program and about 40,000 kids out of the tax credit scholarship program, which offers scholarships to many low-income, foster care, and special needs students.  

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