yes. every k⁠i⁠d. Appo⁠i⁠n⁠t⁠s Cra⁠i⁠g Hulse as Execu⁠t⁠⁠i⁠ve D⁠i⁠rec⁠t⁠or

June 29, 2022

June 29, 2022

Andrew Clark Continues as Executive Director of yes. every kid. foundation.

ARLINGTON, VA. — yes. every kid. (Yes) today announced that Craig Hulse, the previous director of state and federal government affairs at the organization, will be the new executive director of yes. every kid., effective June 29. Andrew Clark, who has held this post since the organization’s founding in 2019, will continue as executive director of the yes. every kid. foundation. (Yes Foundation).

As executive director, Hulse will work with elected officials and policymakers nationwide to drive policy solutions that will provide greater empowerment for families in their education decisions. Policies include making resources available to families to use as they best see fit and creating greater access to education options regardless of where they live.  

“yes. every kid. and yes. every kid. foundation are expanding its impact around the country creating greater access to education options for families. I’m humbled to help lead the effort of innovating and transforming America’s education system to better serve kids,” said Craig Hulse, executive director of yes. every kid. “I look forward to further partnering with policy, education and elected leaders to champion policies that will ensure every child has an educational experience that meets their needs and respects their individuality regardless of their zip code or income. We don’t need a better top-down approach to education; we need a bottom-up system that empowers families with the dignity they deserve. For me, this mission is personal. As a father, I want every child to have the same opportunities my daughter is going to have available to her.”

Hulse has served as the director of state and federal government affairs at Yes, where he helped champion impactful policies to empower families during the 2022 legislative sessions. Hulse comes with a strong background in policy, innovation and education. Prior to joining Yes, Hulse worked with innovative companies like Tesla and Uber. As Chief of Staff in the Nevada Assembly he helped usher through the most expansive universal Education Savings Accounts (ESA) at the time during the 2015 session.

“Our board is pleased to welcome Craig Hulse as executive director of yes. every kid. Hulse brings the necessary leadership and determination to meaningfully improve education policy,” said Meredith Olson, board chair of yes. every kid. and CEO of the VELA Education Fund. “This move leverages the policy expertise and visionary leadership of Craig Hulse and Andrew Clark, respectively. We are confident in their commitment to modernizing our nation’s approach to education.”

Since the founding of Yes and the Yes Foundation in 2019, Andrew Clark has served as executive director of both organizations. Continuing in his role as executive director of the Yes Foundation, Clark will reimagine education in collaboration with educators and families, build a flourishing education marketplace and raise awareness of unique, successful education programs.

“Craig Hulse’s tenacity and commitment to education policy are unparalleled. During his time leading state and federal affairs, he demonstrated passion and effectiveness,” said Andrew Clark, executive director of yes. every kid. Foundation. “With Craig at the helm, yes. every kid. will be well-positioned to accelerate its impact by working alongside partners and policymakers to better serve families.”