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May 25, 2023

May 25, 2023

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — In response to Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt signing the landmark Parental Choice Tax Credit Act, Vice President of Government Affairs Tom Newell released the following statement on behalf of yes. every kid. 

“The Parental Choice Tax Credit Act cements Oklahoma as a national leader in education freedom, empowering all families with a critical tool that puts them in the driver’s seat. This is a monumental opportunity to remove barriers to learning and modernize the educational experience for students. Every Oklahoma family can now decide where and how to educate their children, regardless of their zip code or income level — as is their right.  

“As a former legislator, I can attest to the fact that many people have been working tirelessly for over a decade to put an end to the one-size-fits-all model that’s been in place in Oklahoma education for far too long—and to unlock opportunities for families and students for years to come.  

“We applaud Gov. Stitt, House Speaker Charles McCall, and Senate President Pro Tem Greg Treat for their steadfast leadership and commitment to ensuring every Oklahoma family is empowered and every Oklahoma student has access to the learning opportunities that work best for them.” 

The Oklahoma Parental Choice Tax Credit Act empowers families with a refundable personal-use tax credit that provides $1,000 per child for families who choose to homeschool and the following amount to families who choose to send their children to private or charter schools: 

  • $7,500 per student in households earning under $75,000 
  • $7,000 per student in households earning $75,000-$100,000 
  • $6,500 per student in households earning $150,000-$225,000 
  • $6,000 per student in households earning $225,000-$250,000  
  • $5,000 per student in households earning over $250,000