yes. every k⁠i⁠d. applauds Nebraska’s expans⁠i⁠on of educa⁠t⁠⁠i⁠on freedom  

May 30, 2023

May 30, 2023

LINCOLN — In response to Governor Jim Pillen signing LB753, Government Affairs Director Shannon Pahls released the following statement on behalf of yes. every kid. 

“By passing this legislation, Nebraska has joined the national movement for education freedom.  Nebraska families want educational opportunities that fit their child’s unique needs and learning styles—not just our outdated, one-size-fits-all system. The legislature has responded by enacting the Cornhusker State’s first-ever education freedom bill, and with strong bipartisan support.”   

“yes. every kid. applauds Senator Linehan and Governor Pillen for their leadership in passing this first step legislation. We look forward to continuing to work with Governor Pillen and legislative leaders to ensure every kid in Nebraska gets the opportunity they deserve.”  

LB753 creates a tax-credit scholarship for low-income students in the state: 

  • Taxpayers can claim a nonrefundable income tax credit of up to 50% of their state income tax liability on contributions made to Scholarship Granting Organizations. 
  • Contributions from individuals, passthrough entities, and corporations are capped at $100,000 and those from estates or trusts at $1 million.  
  • The program is capped at $25 million in 2024, 2025, and 2026. After that, if at least 90% of the credits are claimed, the annual limit would increase by 25% annually until reaching $100 million.  
  • The program benefits low-income students, those in the foster system, children of a military service member, children with special needs, and those who have been bullied.