June 30, 2019

June 30, 2019

Colorado Springs, CO (June 30, 2019) – At the bi-annual Stand Together summit, a new education organization was launched, yes. every kid., to stand for families, educators and all Americans who desire a K-12 education system where every student receives an excellent individualized education, alongside teachers who deserve more freedom and autonomy in the classroom. 

Meredith Olson, chairman of yes. every kid., issued the following statement after today’s announcement, expanding on her on stage remarks: 

“It’s time to say yes to families, yes to educators, yes to communities, and — yes. every kid. should have the opportunity reach their full potential. We are the enemy of average, and we will stand with anyone who’s ready to help the next generation rise by ensuring every kid receives an education that respects their individuality and ensures educators have the freedom to innovate and reach their students.

“yes. every kid.’s approach to policy change is simple: Let’s put all options on the table to break the barriers that, today, prevent teachers and families from working together to develop the potential of each and every kid.

yes. every kid. stands for the wholesale re-imagination of education where the student is at the center, which requires us to empower and work alongside educators drawn to their profession to educate children. Together, we stand for possibility and opportunity to ensure all students rise by receiving a customized education designed to meet their needs.”

The new 501c4 organization, yes. every kid., is committed to uniting with anyone to unleash the extraordinary potential of every student. 

Derrell Bradford, board member, yes. every kid. and executive vice president of 50CAN said, “I’m excited to be a part of this new organization. Every moment we wait, a child doesn’t reach their full potential, a passionate educator quits the profession, or a parent gives up hope. The old conversations, the old debates, the old system, they’ve all produced the same subpar results for too many people. We don’t need evolution, we need revolution. And we want to be a place where people interested in blazing a new, bold path forward can come together to make that happen.”

As part of today’s announcement, yes. every kid. released a new poll of educators and the general public and their respective thoughts on the U.S. K-12 system. The poll was paid for by yes. every kid. but conducted independently by YouGov.

Full result can be found here. 

Over the past five years, have K-12 school gotten better or worse:

Public: 45% worse 14% better 23% don’t know

Educators: 48% worse 24% better 1.5% don’t know

Should K-12 schools focus on preparing students to do well in college or exposing students to a variety of subjects so they can find their own passion and educational path?

Public: 73% exposing to a variety of subjects 14% prepare for college 13% don’t know

Educators: 86% exposing to a variety of subjects 13% prepare for college 1.4% don’t know

Should local K-12 school administrators have more or less flexibility to structure their schools in the way they think is best?

Public: 39% more flexibility 28% same flexibility 11% less 22.4% don’t know

Educators: 56% more flexibility 34% same flexibility 7% less 3.6% don’t know

Should K-12 teachers help students discover and excel at subjects that matter most to them or ensure their students excel on an education path that is laid out for them?

Public: 55% help students discover 30% Ensure students follow a path 15% don’t know

Educators: 69% help students discover 28% Ensure students follow a path 3.3% don’t know 

Full result can be found here. 

“These results tell us it’s time for a new conversation. Educators and families share our vision that decision should be made from the bottom up, and that all students should have all options, and that we ensure every kid receives an education that helps them find their passion in life. We must end the us vs. them debate, the contentious finger-pointing and endless arguments. We must say yes to the future, yes to respecting the needs of the individual child, and yes to freedom in the classroom so teachers can thrive. yes. every kid. will stand with anyone to unleash the extraordinary potential of every student,” added Olson.

yes. every kid.’s vision: The purpose of education is to help students discover, develop, and apply their unique abilities, establishing a foundation for a life of fulfillment and success.  We support education policy that respects the dignity of every student, fosters a diversity of approaches, and is open to the free flow of ideas and innovation.  

yes. every kid.’s strategy: Work with anyone to support policies that respects the dignity of every student, fosters a diversity of approaches, and is open to the free flow of ideas and innovation. Yes. every kid. will join, support and build coalitions in order to advance a new conversation by bringing together voices from those who agree and disagree to strike new common ground and bold new visions to revolutionize the K-12 education experience.