In Response ⁠t⁠o ⁠t⁠he S⁠i⁠gn⁠i⁠ng of House B⁠i⁠ll 2567, Cra⁠i⁠g Hulse ⁠i⁠ssued ⁠t⁠he follow⁠i⁠ng s⁠t⁠a⁠t⁠emen⁠t⁠ on behalf of yes. every k⁠i⁠d.

May 16, 2022

May 16, 2022

TOPEKA, Kan. — Across Kansas, families have signaled support for access to education options that are as unique as their children. With House Bill (HB) 2567 now signed into law, families will be empowered to tailor their child’s education to best meet their interests and learning styles.

The opportunity for families to pursue unique learning experiences will give every kid access to the education that addresses their needs. We applaud the bipartisan support from the legislature and

Governor Laura Kelly for advancing policies that will further strengthen the education systemand empower families. Here’s how this law will help kids in Kansas:  

  • Through a transformative open enrollment policy, families will be able to enroll their kids in any public school regardless of their income. For far too long district lines in Kansas have eliminated opportunities for families based on the property they could afford, which almost always determined their quality of school. This law helps change that. More than two-thirds of Kansas voters agree that students should be able to attend any school no matter their zip code.
  • Families will have the flexibility to enroll their kids in specific courses in different learning settings, enabling students to pursue individualized learning opportunities while learning at their neighborhood schools. HB 2567 grants students the opportunity to learn when and where it works best for them. 
  • Students will have the opportunity to earn course credits alongside the classroom.While earning course credits, students can learn through real-world experiences such as internships that will prepare kids for career and life. Over three-quarters of likely Kansas voters support allowing kids to receive course credits for learning alongside the classroom, shows survey data. 

Signing HB 2567 into law sends a clear message to Kansas families: every child deserves the educational opportunities to live up to their fullest potential.