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Everyday stories of the average kids being, well, not so average. Looking at the uniqueness of each kid, we seek to uncover the beauty of each kid.

My Kid's Not Normal

No two people are alike

Dr. April J. Lisbon knows all about unique learners on both a personal and professional level. Her oldest son who is in high school now, was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum when he was two years old. In addition to being a parent, Lisbon also has twenty years of experience as a school […]

My Kid's Not Normal

Is Anyone Really Neurotypical?

Penelope’s story begins with a happy childhood and a set of parents determined to find the very best solutions for their not-so-typical toddler. As her parents watched Penelope’s eyes cast off in the distance, scripting a repetitive film reel of memorable quotes from ‘Frozen,’ stacking her toys in a neat line across their living room […]

My Kid's Not Normal

My Kid’s Not Normal

As a mom, you always try to be prepared. You make sure your kids have the right school supplies, you buy them healthy snacks, and you help them with their homework (was chemistry always this hard?) But what you can’t prepare for is a call from the teacher, saying that your child is being disruptive […]

My Kid's Not Normal

The Wrong Education System for the Right Brain

Nobody thought Edward Hughes was a successful student. He was used to getting C’s and B’s in school, and his test scores were not exactly stellar. When he turned sixteen and took his high school preliminary standardized test, he scored below average. Imagine everyone’s surprise when Edward announced in his junior year that he wanted […]

My Kid's Not Normal

Empower Teachers to Impact Every Student

Quamasia was a middle-schooler at a large public school in central Brooklyn when her teacher, Louis Olander, met her. Their first encounter wasn’t ideal: Louis visited Quamasia’s classroom to pick up a bookshelf, and Quamasia catcalled Louis all the way out the door. The next time Louis saw her, she was in his “Special Ed” […]

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