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Girls Who Code

When Reshma Saujani was running for Congress in 2012, she noticed something. The schools along her campaign route had computer science classrooms, but they lacked one thing: girls. This observation would lead to her founding Girls Who Code, an organization teaching computer skills to high school girls. These skills include robotics, web design and programming […]

Ideas In Action

How Public School Coding Program is Driving Up Opportunities for Diverse Students

Horn is passionate about increasing the number of young people of diverse backgrounds not just interested in computer science — but passionate enough that they’ll want to pursue it as a lifelong career.

Ideas In Action

Why Improv Comedy Is Being Used to Teach High Schoolers Leadership Skills

Imagine a school where students are funny — On purpose. Now imagine a school where being funny makes students better learners. That is what’s happening for Chicago Public High School students who are developing improvisational theater skills intended to help them become more successful in engaging with their peers, the outside world, and potential employers. […]

Ideas In Action

“School Within a School” Program Aims to Help Disengaged Students Find Success

“From a system standpoint, we can be somewhat penalized for students who start with a particular class but don’t graduate with that group. We have a two-fold reason for doing this but number one is to help the students,” said Superintendent Ann Roy Moore.

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