yes. every kid. urges Idaho legislature to pass new Strong Students bill

Legislation would provide Idaho students with funds to individualize and personalize their learning experience

Arlington, VAyes. every kid., an organization dedicated to creating an environment where every student receives an individualized education, urges Idaho legislators to embrace and pass the new Strong Students legislation, which is designed to make the popular Strong Families, Strong Students program permanent. The Strong Students bill would enable families to access education funds to personalize and individualize their child’s education by allowing funds to complement the child’s education alongside courses in a public school, fund a learning pod, and pay for other approved education related expenses including devices and education material.

“We know every student is special and unique, and that no student is alike, which is why this legislation to modernize Idaho’s education funding is so important, because it would allow every student to receive a personalized and individualized education experience,” said Andrew Clark, executive director of yes. every kid. “Gov. Brad Little’s Strong Families, Strong Students program demonstrated the demand and interest in this modern form of education funding, with more than 80,000 students applying. And we applaud Idaho legislators for leaning into this opportunity by supporting the Strong Students bill.

“Last year, the pandemic shined a light on some decades old gaps in our education system that limited the ability for students to receive the personalized education experience they need, and we urge Idaho legislators to adapt this proven funding model as positive way forward for all Idaho students.”

yes. every kid. also released a new digital ad, featuring Idaho parents talking about the value and benefit of accessing education funds that enable them to personalize their child’s learning experience.


yes. every kid. works with anyone to support policies that respect the dignity of every student, fosters a diversity of approaches, and is open to the free flow of ideas and innovation.