States Start Taking Steps in the Right Direction by Providing Funding Directly to Families

The landscape of education has changed in 2020 from schools to living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. Even with these changes, every child deserves a quality, individualized education no matter where they’re learning.

The challenges of 2020 underscore the importance of directly empowering families to find individual solutions for each child’s education, instead of funding only systems and institutions in a one-size-fits-all way. Some states are stepping up and providing education funding directly to families.

In Idaho, families were able to receive grants for $1,500 per student and up to $3,500 per family, to help pay for materials, devices, out-school and other services to support online learning.

In Oklahoma, up to 5,000 families were able to receive $1,500 grants to aid with education costs.

North Carolina
In North Carolina, $335 checks are being given to families to help with the increased financial burden of kids learning at home.

Programs like these are a small step in the right direction toward shifting how education is funded to prioritize students and not systems.

The demand for programs like these from parents is high. In the first 24 hours after Idaho’s program opened applications, over 14,000 families applied covering nearly 30,000 students.

If you, as a parent, were able to receive direct funding for your child’s education, how would you spend those dollars?