Poll: Education Freedom Is A Winner In Florida

We all know that every child learns differently and now polling from Florida shows that a majority of voters in the state overwhelmingly support greater freedom to access education models that promote an individualized learning experience. A recent survey from polling firm Data Targeting found that a majority of Sunshine state voters and public school parents support education savings accounts to give them the resources for extra things like tutoring, career training, and other educational resources for their children.


Some key findings from the poll: 


  • 54% of voters support universally accessible education savings accounts, with over two thirds of respondents with a child enrolled in a Florida public school supporting. 
  • A resounding 85% agree that every child deserves access to more education options that would allow their child to realize their full potential. 
  • When it comes to a vision for education that empowers students to find an individualized learning environment, 70% of voters found that favorable.


Support for individualizing student’s education continues to grow. Now more than ever parents need access to resources to expand their children’s learning experience, no matter where they learn – public school, private school or otherwise.


Read more about the support for education freedom here: https://floridapolitics.com/archives/414008-poll-voters-back-education-savings-accounts-education-freedom