North Carolina Takes Step in the Right Direction by Providing Funding Directly to Families & Students

With the uncertainty of when schools will reopen, parents and guardians are struggling to take on the added responsibility of their child’s education while still working jobs to provide for their families. To compensate for the ways education is changing, our approach to education should change too.

North Carolina took a small step in the right direction when the North Carolina General Assembly passed HB1105 to provide checks to families with children.

“With school, it would help out a whole lot,” Charlotte resident Marion Evans told WSOCTV. “It would help out a whole lot right now with school at home.”

North Carolina’s program, albeit limited in size and scope, demonstrates that there is a better way to support families and fund a child’s education — and it begins by providing funding to families.

The federal government and states should do more to ensure that funding is making its way to kids and families right now. Getting a great education cannot wait.