Idaho Program Gives Parents Power to Personalize Their Child’s Education

Over the course of the last year, nearly every Idaho student has had their learning disrupted due to the pandemic. To help families and students, Gov. Brad Little and Idaho leaders used emergency federal funds to create a new education program that empowered parents, by providing them with additional education funds to support their child’s education. 

Overnight, demand for the program exploded, and now more than 80,000 students from across Idaho are seeking access to the program. 

In response to the demand, Idaho legislators are seeking to improve the education experience for all Idaho students by making this program permanent and creating a sustainable program that will provide parents with additional education funds. Idaho’s new Strong Families Grants Program would allow parents to use education funds to purchase additional courses, tutoring, learning material, books, and other education related supplies and material. 

By providing families with these additional funding support, parents and guardians would be able to personalize their children’s education and give them a better opportunity to receive the education they deserve. 

Sign the letter now if you support legislators taking action to make the Strong Students program permanent: https://yeseverykid.ivolunteers.com/Sign/Sign-The-Letter-Support-Idaho-Students