Certificate Programs Give Students a Leg Up in the Job Market

If you had the opportunity to earn a certificate in high school in a subject that you enjoyed, would you take it? What if you even earned college credit from it too? Seems like a no brainer, right? Not only is earning college credit in high school a major perk of earning a certificate, it pays off even more in the job market. These certifications in marketing, accounting, business, language and computer programming are heavily sought after by Fortune 500 companies like Google and Microsoft.

Fortune 500 companies and many more are moving towards a more holistic approach in the hiring process – no longer simply looking at a job candidate’s degree and school. Now more than ever these additional certifications and experiences are proving to be traits that really set job candidates apart in the eyes of a hiring manager. As we reimagine education, it is time for more high schools across the country to incorporate certification programs into their curriculums. Not only do they allow students to pick an individualized certificate to study, but they pay off in dividends on the job market, for the candidate and employer.