80K Students Request Access to Idaho Education Grant Program!

Learning disruptions continue to impact millions of families across the country, with some schools remaining closed indefinitely, other schools are only open part time, and millions of other parents have opted for new education experiences and environments for their children. 

In Idaho, state leaders responded by reprioritizing the way educating funding is distributed and put students at the center — creating a new Strong Families, Strong Students program that provides Idaho families up to $1,500 per child and $3,500 per family to pay for education expenses. 

The first-of-its-kind program was an immediate hit with parents. Within 24 hours, the program received 14,000 applications — nearly crashing state servers. Today, more than 80,000 students have requested access to funding. 

How is it different? It’s a look into the future of education. 

The future of education is creating individualized experiences for every student. For some learners, that will happen in the public, private or charter school they’re enrolled in, but for many students the future could be a blended experience that included in-school classes alongside curated education experiences. 

Idaho families have moved toward this future of education by enabling families to use their Strong Families, Strong Students grant funds for a variety of education expenses, ranging from private tuition, tutoring while remaining enrolled in public school, education material and services, and many other options. 

If you want to experience this program, tell federal and state governments to fund families directly!