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I believe school districts should build schools for every kid.

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Dear education establishment,

I believe there is no such thing as an average kid. I believe our education system should be as diverse as the kids it serves. No more one-size-fits-all solutions. Innovative schools, custom-tailored to individual needs. I call on you to uphold the following nine simple promises of education.

Our school system should be built around 9 promises; promises made to every kid, to every teacher, to every family you serve. By upholding the following nine promises, you will be holding up your end of the education bargain and–most importantly–changing the lives of the kids you serve.


Diversity is held sacred and should be embraced as core to the effort of education in any system. A well-functioning education system will respect the diversity of the kids it serves and aims to deliver a set of experiences that reflect the nature of that student body.


Schools must become hubs of innovation, where new ideas and methodologies are tried and tested with regularity, new technologies are embraced, and the educational process is treated as an entrepreneurial exercise. Innovation in schools, when combined with freedom, will develop a robust network of educational opportunities. 


Schools and teachers evolve to respect the dignity and uniqueness of each and every kid. Learning experiences are built around the premise that each student has individual talents and can and should learn. This sort of inclusion is vital to building a system through which each student can master content, find their path, and realize their value.


Kids, when engaged in the right educational experience, will have a growth mindset–realizing they can learn in a way unique to them. This growth mindset is the vital underpinning of an educational experience that produces great learners as kids, but even more important to create adults who have been transformed into lifelong learners. 


Success is defined by a student evolving and learning that they can succeed by applying their unique talents and abilities to improve the lives of themselves and their community. Success is not defined by ranking and ordering of students based on the results of high-stakes tests or through any other means. 


Learning opportunities and experiences are custom-designed to the unique interests, aptitudes, and situations of each kid. Custom experiences are the foundation of a system that respects the dignity and uniqueness that are inherent to a diverse set of learners. These experiences allow students to succeed in the path of their choosing. 


Releasing both kids and teachers from the constraints of a rigid system means empowering them both with the freedom to choose the path most appropriate for their unique talents, aptitudes, and interests. Allowing choice for both students and teachers creates an environment for mutual benefit relationships to thrive.


Teachers, in any well-designed system, must be free to apply their unique skills and abilities to develop innovative new approaches to the educational experience. When innovation is harnessed by a system built to respect teachers, students succeed. Empowering teachers means building a system that is rewarding both to them and their students.


A system rich with opportunity is vital to ensuring education can be delivered in a way that improves the lives of both teachers and kids. We must protect the rights of both teachers and kids to freely select the options and methods that work best for them and their unique educational needs or abilities.  

our mission

We are committed to unleashing the extraordinary potential of every student by respecting their dignity, fostering a diversity of approaches, and encouraging the free flow of ideas and innovation.