When school is closed, families deserve help.

Many states are releasing COVID education funds directly to families to help deliver education during this trying time. Urge Governor Kemp to release a portion of our $2.5 billion COVID funds to help Georgia’s families!

How it Works

Simply release COVID funds directly to the families who are scrambling and help Georgia's kids stay on track.

Schools are closing.

As districts close across the state, kids are back at home and families are stuck holding the buck.

Funds get released.

Georgia has over $2.5B for COVID education relief. Families haven't seen a dime. Release a portion now.

Families win.

Families can use funds to help take online classes, enter a learning pod, or whatever they need.


Dear Governor Kemp

With Georgia’s school shuttering and scrambling to again go virtual, it’s time we gave families the chance they deserve to support learning at home.

The solution is simple and many states are already working on it. Release a portion of COVID relief funds directly to Georgia families to use in support of education. Even when schools close, learning doesn’t have to stop. Let families find support, technology, and resources they need to build the best learning experience they can. And when schools reopen, Georgia’s kids will have more diverse options to learn beyond just school. 


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Georgia’s students should have the option to continue and bolster their education when schools shut down. We’re working tirelessly to support you families. Sign up to stay in the loop. 

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