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Episode 1: Diverse Pathways

We gathered together with parents and teachers from around the nation, we broke bread, opened up, and we listened as they imagined an education system built for the future. The future vision they painted together was beautiful, wildly unconfined, and as diverse as the kids it would serve.  We heard of changes to the physical […]

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Episode 2:High-Stakes Tests

Imagine if you will… a music class in inner-city Miami. Kids of all cultures blending together in the most amazing heterogeneity. Influences from calypso, congo, bolero, Afro-Cuban jazz, hip-hop, southern roots rock, salsa, merengue, and more. They all meet together in the music room as an educator tells the narratives of our cultures through notes […]

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Episode 3: Quality Educators

What is quality education and how do we know it when we see it? That’s the question that’s long plagued policymakers and administrators in this country. But, for parents and teachers, it’s not so difficult. Quality education is a learning experience that respects the individual abilities of each kid and helps them to realize the […]

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How can cognitive science inform the future of education?

The science of learning is decades ahead of the education system. How can we bring education into the present? Dr. Lindsay Portnoy, recently featured in The Washington Post, believes things school bells, siloed ‘one-hour-one-subject’ classes, traditional grades, and standardized testing are outdated design features of the education system. But this isn’t just a hunch, Dr. Portnoy […]

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How does stress affect a child’s development and academic potential?

Understanding cognitive development and stress in children can add context to systems of education. There are critical areas of brain development, like zero-to-five, but there are also critical areas of brain development in the adolescent years. Does the hyper testing, standardized system provide too much stress on our students and harm brain development? Unrelenting stress […]

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If America’s education system is outdated, how can we evolve?

Specialization in education is just one way of optimizing the system for the future. The current education system wasn’t designed to accommodate the dynamism required today. The current education system doesn’t allow teachers to access the freedom they crave nor allow every student to excel. How can we evolve to allow our K-12 system provide […]

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Redefining the “experts” in education reform might be the key to success

Why does a former Chicago Public School teachers and one of the founders of KIPP – one of the most celebrated public charter school networks in the country believe the future of education success in America requires us to redefining who are “experts” and changing the model of our K-12 education system so that power […]

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Testing, testing: How will measurement change in the future of education?

When measuring for the future, there is much to consider. Are we testing the right things in K-12 education? How do we change testing to promote constant improvement for all kids while not creating a system that promote standardization and hyper testing? These are important questions that should bring together all Americans. To improve our […]

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What NASA can teach us about education reform

If teachers weren’t taught to fear failure, could they see greater success in the mission of education? If you look in Webster Dictionary, you will see “institution” in the definition of school, when in fact parents and educators care more about a student’s potential to become a life long learner, understand knowledge and develop relationships […]