What NASA can teach us about education reform

If teachers weren’t taught to fear failure, could they see greater success in the mission of education?

If you look in Webster Dictionary, you will see “institution” in the definition of school, when in fact parents and educators care more about a student’s potential to become a life long learner, understand knowledge and develop relationships with those around him or her and not institutions or buildings. To celebrate great educators and help all students succeed, to change the way schools look and feel, we should look to NASA scientists for lessons about preparedness, failure and success.

Matt Candler is founder and board chair of 4.0 Schools. To date, 4.0’s invested in more than 1,000 founders, equipping them to run trials of better ways to teach and learn across the US. Matt’s past gigs include: teacher/coach/principal in public and private schools; HQ Ops and Comms at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and later at Chicago Public Schools; helping people launch education ventures at LearningNext, KIPP, NYC Charter Center, New Schools for New Orleans. Matt learns best when he’s making and breaking things, so he makes electric motorcycles after his kids go to bed. Learn more about that at nightshiftbikes.com.

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