Testing, testing: How will measurement change in the future of education?

When measuring for the future, there is much to consider.

Are we testing the right things in K-12 education? How do we change testing to promote constant improvement for all kids while not creating a system that promote standardization and hyper testing? These are important questions that should bring together all Americans. To improve our education system, we need to understand we currently only have answers to some huge open questions right now. We are still figuring things out on how to enrich different people’s lives as they find their positions in the economy — and society at large.

Derrell is the executive vice president of 50CAN where he advocates to improve educational opportunities and options for families across the country. Derrell also recruits and trains local leaders across the 50CAN network and leads the network’s National Voices fellowship; a seminar focused on education policy, political collaboration, and media.

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