Redefining the “experts” in education reform might be the key to success

Why does a former Chicago Public School teachers and one of the founders of KIPP – one of the most celebrated public charter school networks in the country believe the future of education success in America requires us to redefining who are “experts” and changing the model of our K-12 education system so that power is redistributed to the families, educators and students.

Matt Candler is founder and board chair of 4.0 Schools. To date, 4.0’s invested in more than 1,000 founders, equipping them to run trials of better ways to teach and learn across the US. Matt’s past gigs include: teacher/coach/principal in public and private schools; HQ Ops and Comms at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and later at Chicago Public Schools; helping people launch education ventures at LearningNext, KIPP, NYC Charter Center, New Schools for New Orleans. Matt learns best when he’s making and breaking things, so he makes electric motorcycles after his kids go to bed. Learn more about that at nightshiftbikes.com.