How can cognitive science inform the future of education?

The science of learning is decades ahead of the education system. How can we bring education into the present?

Dr. Lindsay Portnoy, recently featured in The Washington Post, believes things school bells, siloed ‘one-hour-one-subject’ classes, traditional grades, and standardized testing are outdated design features of the education system. But this isn’t just a hunch, Dr. Portnoy discusses the research and science behind her beliefs and how an equitable education for all learners is possible.

Lindsay Portnoy, PhD, is a cognitive scientist working to translate research-based practices in teaching and learning to improve curriculum, assessment, and the intentional integration of emerging practices and tools to support all learners. A former public school teacher, Portnoy has spent nearly two decades working in preK–12, higher ed, and informal educational settings. She is an Associate Teaching Professor at Northeastern University’s Graduate School of Education and is cofounder and chief learning officer at Killer Snails.

For more on this: https://bigthink.com/yes-every-kid/how-can-cognitive-science-inform-the-future-of-education