Support Struggling Nebraska Kids.

Nebraska’s students have fallen 15 months behind during COVID-19. More than half of our kids fail at reading. Education Recovery Accounts release federal COVID funds to pay for the help our kids so desperately need.

10 seconds of effort can change a life.

How it Works

Education Recovery Accounts give Nebraska families access to COVID-19 funds set aside to catch up.

Release COVID Funds.

Nebraska has billions of dollars of federal money to help quell learning loss. Let's release a portion.

Get Individualized Help.

Struggling students will get up to $2000 to pursue 1-on-1 tutoring and summer learning opportunities.

Catch Up and Pass.

Studies show that a small amount of tutoring can bring a student forward by 2 grade levels.

TELL YOUR Legislator

Dear Senator

I'm asking you to please support Education Recovery Accounts for families like mine.

Nebraska scores have fallen nearly 10% during COVID-19. Virtual learning and school closings took a tremendous toll on our young learners. These accounts give families the chance they deserve to catch back up from learning loss. With funds in our hands, Nebraska families can find tutors, summer programs, and individualized help to get their kids up to (and well beyond) the level they ought to be.

I’m asking you to continue your fight to improve education here in Nebraska by getting our kids caught back up and ready for a lifelong commitment to learning. If we can help these kids, we will be doing our part to raise another generation of hardworking, intelligent, value-contributing Cornhuskers. Please consider passing Education Recovery Accounts to help struggling kids and empower these struggling Nebraska families

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With you help, Nebraska families will soon be able to get the individualized tutoring help that experts suggest. It’s the only way to get our kids caught back up. Sign up here and we’ll keep you updated as the bill passes and the program begins. 

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