The Education Toolkit

chapter 01: yes. framework.


Education is one of the most significant ways in which government touches people’s lives. While publicly funded primary and secondary education is guaranteed in all 50 state constitutions, these provisions do not necessitate a one-size-fits-all system of schooling resistant to innovation. Good education policy promotes a diversity of solutions responsive to the needs of every student.



A quick users guide to the toolkit.

yes. framework.

Good policy framework.

yes. opportunity.

Learning opportunities for families.

yes. students.

Student-centered education.

yes. funding.

Modern education funding.

yes. preparation.

Preparing students for life.

It is time to demonstrate the power of allowing teachers and families to pursue solutions that meet the needs of individual students.

Most policy efforts have been focused on marginal improvements to an outdated system designed to serve school buildings—not students. This has resulted in reforms that delay transformative change and reinforce existing standardized systems. We have observed this phenomenon time and time again in policies that are sold as transformational: once created, they are slowly but surely absorbed into the existing standardized system through hundreds of seemingly innocuous changes.

the buidling blocks of good policy

While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all policy prescription, there are some easy rules to follow when developing policies for your state.

ask yourself, does this policy…

We believe reframing the discussion around the true purpose of education—a system designed to serve students—will have a greater impact on realizing a system that believes every kid is capable of extraordinary things. 

yes. every kid. does not believe there is a single prescription for what ails us. We are open to any community-led effort to create a more student-centered education system. Following are several policy examples that we believe move our system in that direction.