The Education Toolkit

There’s no such thing as an average kid.
Let’s build something exceptional. 

for parents

Ask yourself how the education your kid receives measures up not against other schools, but against the themes and principles upon which education ought to be founded. Use this guide as a reminder of those ideals and a platform from which they can and should be shared.

for policy makers

It is not enough for education to simply be better than neighboring districts, counties, or states. Instead we must charge ourselves to innovate on behalf of our kids to build a better and different system than ever before. Use this guide to help you on the journey to truly reimagine education.



A quick users guide to the toolkit.

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Good policy framework.

yes. opportunity.

Learning opportunities for families.

yes. students.

Student-centered education.

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Modern education funding.

yes. preparation.

Preparing students for life.

Individualized learning is the future:
An open letter from our Board Chair.

Transformative education starts with the recognition that every person is unique, with different aptitudes, passions, and goals.

Tapping into that unique combination of qualities is the secret to unlocking the extraordinary potential that exists within all of us.

Helping students discover, develop, and apply their innate gifts to maximize their ability to contribute to society requires an individualized approach.

Helping students discover, develop, and apply their innate gifts to maximize their ability to contribute to society requires. an individualized approach. Thus, 21st-century learning can no longer be a one-way lecture from a teacher to a student. Nor should it be a rigid trajectory programmed to steer students from elementary school to college to work. Today’s educators must equip students of all ages and stages of life with the resources and guidance they need to forge their own path of discovery and development.

This personalized approach to learning, which exposes students to a wide variety of experiences and educational methods, lies at the heart of transformative education – that is, education that empowers individuals to realize their unique potential. Ensuring that all students have access to a high-quality education that is best suited to them will require a culture change: moving away from a “one-size-fits-all” approach to one that enables every person to capitalize on their unique skills and interests to succeed in life by creating value for themselves and others.

We hope this policy toolkit will provide some ideas that inspire you to create a friendly environment for that new system. We stand ready to assist anyone who shares this vision.

—Meredith Olson

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