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Each child is different, and they deserve a menu of options – programs, services, courses, and schools that are designed to address their interests and aptitudes. The goal is not to standardize children, it is to allow every kid to discover, develop, and apply their talents to realize their full potential.

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course access

WHAT IS COURSE ACCESS? Course access, also known as course choice, allows for families and students to select a variety of courses beyond what their school and school districts normally offer. The courses, which can be taught online or in person, can include everything from college classes and SAT preparation to welder training and industry […]

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Extended Learning Opportunity

Provide access to outside learning opportunities. Students learn everywhere, but access to these extended learning opportunities is unequal. Whether it is cuts to programming within schools (arts, athletics, field trips, etc.) or differences in families’ ability to pay for or provide these opportunities, greater access to this valuable, enriching learning opportunities for every child should […]

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Learn Everywhere

Harnessing the power of new learning experiences. While the learning that takes place inside the traditional classroom is important, we know that students can learn through a diversity of approaches and from a variety of experiences. Learning opportunities that are designed to address the interests and aptitudes of each student have the potential to allow […]

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Charter Schools

Public schools of choice, with the autonomy to create unique learning environments. Charter school laws – which exist in nearly every state – were originally envisioned as a way to provide educators with the autonomy needed to create wholly autonomous and innovative alternatives. Autonomies around curriculum, instruction, finance, personnel, and the school day are necessary […]

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Education Scholarship Accounts

Funded accounts that can be used for multiple educational uses. Education Scholarship Accounts (ESAs) combine education opportunity and student-centered funding to enable families to create a truly customized education around the needs of individual families. Instead of sending money to a predetermined school, ESAs are funded using a child’s share of education funding and can […]

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Big Ideas, Learning Opportunities

Course Access

The freedom to enroll in a variety of courses, inside and out of a child’s school. In the same way that open enrollment policies allow students to enroll in schools other than those they are zoned to attend, course access policies allow students to enroll in courses other than those offered at their enrolled school. […]

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Open Enrollment

Open enrollment policies allow students to attend the public school of their choice, regardless of attendance boundaries. Forty-seven states have open enrollment policies, which include enrollment of students in school within and outside of school district boundaries. Public school transfers have existed as long as public schools. Unfortunately, access is often limited to parents with powerful […]

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