Parent Teacher Conferences

In a “Micro School” in Washington, a Teacher Works at the Pace of His Students

Mike Meadows remembers a student he taught English at Prince George’s County Public Schools in Maryland, just about 10 miles outside of Washington, DC. The student was quiet and rarely talked. Meadows worried he wasn’t getting through to her. In a classroom of 30 students, it was easy for her to get lost in the […]

My Kid's Not Normal

No two people are alike

Dr. April J. Lisbon knows all about unique learners on both a personal and professional level. Her oldest son who is in high school now, was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum when he was two years old. In addition to being a parent, Lisbon also has twenty years of experience as a school […]

Parent Teacher Conferences

Writing the Playbook: Allowing every kid to overcome any challenge

Emma Stoker, a 35-year-old mom of 12-year-old son Dylan knows challenges only too well. For years she has fought against a system that isolated her son and disrupted her family life. In the following interview, she tells how she finally figured out a way to help Dylan not just survive, but thrive in education. Emma […]

Talking Out of School

Introduction to Talking Out At School

We traveled the nation, bringing together parents and teachers for honest conversations about education. The conversations were telling. They told the story of an education system that was built many decades ago in the model of a factory, with the goal of producing factory workers. They told the story of top-down solutions whose effectiveness is […]

Talking Out of School

Episode 1: Diverse Pathways

We gathered together with parents and teachers from around the nation, we broke bread, opened up, and we listened as they imagined an education system built for the future. The future vision they painted together was beautiful, wildly unconfined, and as diverse as the kids it would serve.  We heard of changes to the physical […]

Talking Out of School

Episode 2:High-Stakes Tests

Imagine if you will… a music class in inner-city Miami. Kids of all cultures blending together in the most amazing heterogeneity. Influences from calypso, congo, bolero, Afro-Cuban jazz, hip-hop, southern roots rock, salsa, merengue, and more. They all meet together in the music room as an educator tells the narratives of our cultures through notes […]

Talking Out of School

Episode 3: Quality Educators

What is quality education and how do we know it when we see it? That’s the question that’s long plagued policymakers and administrators in this country. But, for parents and teachers, it’s not so difficult. Quality education is a learning experience that respects the individual abilities of each kid and helps them to realize the […]

My Kid's Not Normal

Is Anyone Really Neurotypical?

Penelope’s story begins with a happy childhood and a set of parents determined to find the very best solutions for their not-so-typical toddler. As her parents watched Penelope’s eyes cast off in the distance, scripting a repetitive film reel of memorable quotes from ‘Frozen,’ stacking her toys in a neat line across their living room […]

My Kid's Not Normal

My Kid’s Not Normal

As a mom, you always try to be prepared. You make sure your kids have the right school supplies, you buy them healthy snacks, and you help them with their homework (was chemistry always this hard?) But what you can’t prepare for is a call from the teacher, saying that your child is being disruptive […]

Ideas In Action

How Public School Coding Program is Driving Up Opportunities for Diverse Students

Horn is passionate about increasing the number of young people of diverse backgrounds not just interested in computer science — but passionate enough that they’ll want to pursue it as a lifelong career.

My Kid's Not Normal

The Wrong Education System for the Right Brain

Nobody thought Edward Hughes was a successful student. He was used to getting C’s and B’s in school, and his test scores were not exactly stellar. When he turned sixteen and took his high school preliminary standardized test, he scored below average. Imagine everyone’s surprise when Edward announced in his junior year that he wanted […]